January 10, 2024

Twisted Tube Orders Double in 2023

In 2023, Timeless Tube experienced a surge in orders for our distinctive twisted square and twisted oval tubes, which have been used by artists, architects, and mechanical engineers across a range of exciting projects.

A global appeal for twisted metal tubes

Clients from the UK, Europe, and North America sought out Timeless Tube for our exceptionally crafted uniquely twisted profiles. The twisted oval tubing and twisted square tubing, predominantly crafted from stainless steel 316 and brass CZ108, garnered attention from diverse industries across various international markets.

From luxury retailers to visionary homeowners, our clients showcased a broad spectrum of creative applications.

Twisted square brass tube in two different sizes was specified by a high-end retail client.

Sculptural, sophisticated, and ‘breathtakingly pretty’

Timeless was pleased to supply highly polished twisted square tubing for a stunning bar at a Grade II listed venue overlooking Lake Windermere; the decorative twisted detail added to the elegance and charm of the historic venue.

Our tubes played a starring role in retail settings, from an out-of-this-world festive fairground to sets emanating magic and fairy-tale charm. Picture the prettiest pop-up imaginable, brought to life with the high-quality craftsmanship of Timeless Tube. “The installations were breathtakingly pretty – it was a pleasure to see our tube in such splendid surrounds”, says Timeless Tube Managing Director, Tom McMillan.

A talented British sculptor from Timeless Tube’s home county, Dorset, fashioned the unique twisted oval tube into spectacular garden ornaments. Andy Stevenson’s hand-crafted stainless steel dragonflies impressed crowds at Royal Horticultural Society sites, where Andy successfully sold his beautiful garden sculptures.

Dorset-based artist Andy Stevenson exhibits his dragonfly garden sculptures at Hever Castle, Kent, featuring elegant twisted oval tubes.

A highly polished twisted square handrail in a private residence in Staffordshire, with smaller twisted square tubes used for the spindles.

Custom-made twisted tube – ideal for architectural and artistic applications

At Timeless Tube our engineers can alter the tightness of twist. We can also leave straight sections at the ends of the twisted sections, which can help to make fabrication easier. “This flexibility has proved valuable for many clients, who want to have influence over the tightness of pitch, the finish, or how the tubes will be joined,” says Tom McMillan.

Our radiused twisted square tubing is different from traditional barley twist or rope twist. It has uniquely radiused corners. It makes the profile slightly softer, and more tactile”.

Fantastical fairground design uses Timeless twisted tube in high-end luxury retail settings.

Elegant posts: twisted tubes for the home

Homeowners also opted for twisted tubes as long-term architectural features. Oval stainless steel tube lengths measuring 61 x 37 x 2mm, were transformed into a stunning room divider in a home just outside of Paris, boasting a painted copper finish oval. A metal worker from Bavaria chose to construct the outside fence at his home using 66 x 66 x 2mm stainless steel 316 twisted square posts.

Tom McMillan expressed his satisfaction, saying, “It is gratifying to see the twisted tube used as long-term architectural features. It is always the highest compliment when a client wants to have twisted oval or twisted square metal architecture in their home or property, as it is testament to the elegant, classic design. Sometimes we get sent a simple, hand-drawn sketch of the pitch required, and we can work to that.”

New technical insights

Our dedication to continuous improvement led us to gain valuable insights into our capabilities, including pitch tightness. To assist our clients, we've put together a comprehensive technical specification sheet. Now, you can easily navigate the achievable pitches for different sizes, along with the expected grades and finishes.

Straight sections can seamlessly run on either side of the tubing, simplifying the fabrication process and showcasing the adaptability of our products.

Before and after: twisted square tube formed from brass CZ108 pictured with a mill finish (left), and with a mirrored finish (right), polished by hand at the Timeless Tube workshop.

Looking Ahead

Simon Haines, Timeless Tube Sales Co-Ordinator, shared his excitement about the unexpected and diverse applications for twisted tubes. “As a relatively new addition to the Timeless Team, I have been shocked by the diverse applications that this tube is used for. Interestingly this tube profile isn’t all about aesthetics. For example, we’ve recently supplied twisted square tubing for production line machinery, where the tube helped to turn the components the correct way up. Standard round tube didn’t work, but the twisted tube did the trick.”

To bring a twist to your architectural visions, please get in touch. We may be able to send samples of our twisted tube or explore prototype lengths for your project.