Twisted Oval tube

This stunning twisted oval tube profile incorporates the classic oval tube design with the innovative spiral forming process adapted from our twisted square tube. The elliptical oval tube profile offers a beautiful aesthetic together with an ergonomic and tactile shape. The contours of the twists are both sophisticated and sculptural.

Innovative spiral forming creates beautiful twisted effect
Ideal for decorative architectural metalwork for buildings and boats
Unique spindle choice for balustrade design
Choose the ‘tightness’ of twist — from continuous to an incremental 180 degree twist
Uses several bespoke joiners, helping fabricators to achieve easy and elegant joins
Reminiscent of barley twist style

6 different sizes of stainless steel twisted oval tube and multiple wall thicknesses

23.5 × 13.3 × 1.5mm
61 × 37 × 1.5mm

Most popular sizes

23.5 × 13.3 × 1.5mm
30.5 × 17.5 × 1.5mm
43 × 30 × 1.5mm
61 × 37 × 1.5mm

A specialist tube suited to decorative, ornamental applications

This highly attractive ornamental tubing is a striking choice for decorative architecture and infrastructure. When crafted from stainless steel (inox), the twisted oval tubing exudes contemporary sophistication – and if your chosen finish is a mirror polish then you can enjoy the play of light as it refracts from the tubing. We also form our twisted oval tubing from warmer coloured metals such as copper and its alloys (brass, bronze and cupronickel). In decorative applications, twisted oval tubing formed from these warmer metals lends itself well to restorative projects or decorative features in period properties or traditional settings.

Choose the tightness of twist

If you are seeking tighter twists in your twisted oval tube, it is possible for our engineers to create ‘continuous’ twists running thorough the length of your tube. Alternatively, if you are seeking a more subtle, ‘looser’ twist, this is also possible. You can choose to vary the twists and finishes of each spindle, or the pitch that the twist extends across. Our skilled engineers are able to leave straight sections of oval tubing either end of the twisted section, making the spindles or rails easier to join. Get in touch and our experienced engineers can talk you through the options available.

Metals and finishes

There are several finishes available for this decorative tubing option – from a super mirror polish to a contemporary satin finish. Speak to our team about other finishes available for stainless steel or aluminium twisted square tube such as anodising or PVD coating.

Find out more.

Stainless steel
Gwr coating
Pvd finish

Joiners for connecting oval shaped tubing

We currently offer a system of joiners for oval and twisted oval tubing, which enable you to produce handrail and balustrades with uncompromising, seamless joins. If you have a large project that requires joiners for other tube profiles then speak to us to find out more.

Twisted oval tube heat exchangers and other industrial applications

When bundled together in a straight configuration, twisted oval tubes offer substantially improved heat exchange properties and reduced tube vibration. Several studies have proven that twisted oval tubes are more effective than smooth round tubes when used inside heat exchangers. The tube side heat transfer coefficient is higher, and the pressure drop is lower, making stainless steel twisted oval heat exchangers superior to rod baffle heat exchangers. Speak to our engineering team about using this tube in industrial heating applications.

Fabrication services for twisted oval tube

If you require further fabrication of this ornamental tube, including welding, polishing and joining, we offer a range of in-house services. Our skilled fabricators have the tooling and the know-how when it comes to further fabrication of this decorative tube profile.

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Stainless steel and aluminium 5083 twisted oval tube profiles are sold in lengths of 5.8m (the manufacturing process reduces the standard 6m length by 0.2 metres).

Can’t see the tube sizes you need in the table? Contact us about custom-sized tubing; we may able to fabricate a new size to meet your project requirements. Or download our brochure, which contains sizing information for existing aluminium and brass tubing too, as well as all stainless steel sizes.


Upon request, we will be able to find out wall thickness tolerances from our metal suppliers. Typically the tolerance levels of wall thickness are extremely minimal and any small variations in thickness do not affect further fabrication or the end application. However, it is important to let us know if the tolerance is critical to the application before you place an order. For example, if the shaped tubing component needs to go inside another component, or if the tubing has to house a component, any variation in wall thickness could be critical.

The image above shows how dimensions are detailed
(for example, 23.5mm x 13.3m x 1.5mm).

Sizes given below are for stainless steel

Tube Sizes
23.5mm x 13.3mm
30.5mm x 17.5mm
39.5mm x 20.5mm
43mm x 30mm
47mm x 25mm
50mm x 36mm
61mm x 37mm
wall thickness
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Applications for twisted oval tube

Kick rails
Door handles
Boat guard rails
Decorative shrouds
Heat exchanger tubes

International orders made easy

Our clients come to us from across the globe for our unique shaped tubing and specialist tube fabrication. We can ship twisted oval tube to North America and Europe in as little as 48 hours. Our freight team will work to meet your transit times and budget; get in touch to discuss shipping options.

Find out more about international shipping.

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We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

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