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International shipping
Stainless steel flat-sided oval tubing being used as supports for a designer coffee table.
 Flat-sided oval used for luxury Coffee table by Synergigi

A long history of international work

Timeless Tube has supplied shaped stainless steel tubes for orders to international clients for over 30 years. We are world-renowned for our pioneering designs and our unsurpassed quality. This is why discerning clients come to us from across the globe for our unique tube profiles.

From Ron Arad’s iconic Tel Aviv Opera House to high-speed trains in Japan, our stainless steel (inox steel) specialist tubing has been used by some of the world’s most exacting designers, engineers and architects.

We regularly supply to businesses in North America, Canada and Europe, shaping stainless steel and aluminium tubing for architectural and interior design projects, prototypes, healthcare applications, as well as aerospace and marine industries.

A fast turnaround

Your tubing order may need to travel a long way before it reaches its final destination, but our efficient making process and the super-fast shipping options means that you won’t be waiting too long. As we make nearly all of our tubing to order, our turnaround is subject to the availability of material.

However, we work with excellent material suppliers who can usually provide us with premium round tubing (from which we form our tubes) within a day or two. Our nimble set-up allows us to create samples and prototypes should you require this.

We also offer further fabrication processes, so if you need your tubes bent, polished, welded or drilled then we can do this in-house.

Timeless engineering cutting lengths of shaped tubing to size for a bespoke job
multiple lengths of stainless steel flat-sided oval tubing being packaged for shipping

Careful packaging using fully compliant materials.

We want our clients to receive their tubing looking like it does as it leaves our workshop. To prevent any damage, we take steps to ensure that orders are packed with care, such as sleeving individual polished tubes, using protective padding or packaging tubes in protective round cardboard tubes before they are placed in wooden crates.

For international orders (including North America, Canada and European countries), we use crates made from certified wood, appropriately heat-treated and marked as specified in the International Standard for Phytosanitary measures No 15 (ISPM15).

If you are seeking sustainable packaging, then biodegradable cling-film, paper packaging tape and cardboard padding are all options available to clients. Please talk to us about our ecologically sound packaging options.

Transporting your tube effectively: Meeting your transit times and budget

You can be confident that our expert shipping team can meet your required transit time. Just let us know how urgently you need your tubing and we will work out the most commercially viable option for your business.

To ensure you get the most competitive price, we use a range of delivery companies including TNT, UPS, DHL and FedEx.

If you need a relatively small quantity of tubing to be shipped to the United States of America, for example, FedEx International Priority Freight service is an extremely reliable service with an excellent network, which allows for your tubing to be delivered to North America in 1- 3 working days (pending customs). We have even achieved next day delivery to the United States (when using the time difference in our favour, that is!).

We can cut down your tube/s to an agreed length to reduce long length charges (typically under 3 metres), provided that these shorter lengths are appropriate for your application. If your order is particularly large or heavy, we can ship it on an economy service via sea (provided it is over one cubic metre).  Using this method, your tubing could be shipped to New York, port-to-port, within about 11 days.

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Worldwide shipping

Made in Britain

Timeless Tube have been forming our shaped metal tubing on the south coast of England for over three decades.  We started our business making the world’s very first stainless steel oval tubing for handrail on yachts, which very quickly attracted international customers.

We are accredited members of the Made in Britain partnership – a mark of quality to give added assurance to our clients. We are proud of the tubing that we produce, and the international client base that we have established over the years. Exporting your orders safely and carefully is an important part of what we do, and so we treat this process with the same care and attention as we do when we make our tubing.

In today’s challenging and unpredictable markets, it is important that our customers can procure with confidence. If you have any questions, one of our expert engineers will be happy to speak to you about your project and your technical requirements. And should you need a quote for shipping, please get in touch and we shall swiftly provide you with some options.

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We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

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