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Twisted Square tube

This elegant twisted square tube developed by Timeless takes inspiration from traditional wrought iron work, providing an exciting, innovative form for architects, fabricators and architectural metalworkers. It provides a unique alternative to conventional steel square tubing.

Staircase with stainless steel spindles made from twisted square tubing in a residential home
  • Aesthetically striking
  • Stunning alternative to standard round or box square tube profiles
  • A contemporary take on traditional barley twist design
  • Boasts impressive strength integrity
  • Lighter and more cost-effective than conventional solid twisted bars
  • Popular for stainless steel handrails and balustrades
  • Choose the ‘tightness’ of twist — from continuous to an incremental 180 degree twist

7 existing sizes of stainless steel twisted square tube and multiple wall thicknesses

From 17×17×1.5mm to 88×88×2mm.

Most popular sizes

  • 17 × 17 × 1.5mm
  • 33 × 33 × 1.5mm
  • 45 × 45 × 1.5mm
  • 45 × 45 × 2mm
multiple sizes of stainless steel teisted square tubing, all in a mirrored polish

Superior to solid twisted metal bars

Our twisted square stainless steel boasts impressive strength integrity compared to a conventional solid twisted bar. The fact that it is hollow means that it is not only lighter, but cheaper, than any solid metal alternative. This shape improves the rigidity and deflection capabilities in comparison to round tubes of the same wall thickness and material grade, as our carefully controlled tests have proven.

Ornate vase being displayed on a luxury swing style platform supported by lengths of brass twisted square tubing in a satin finish
Glass balustrade for a restaurant using twisted square stainless steel posts in a mirrored finish

You can choose the tightness of the twist

Our engineers can vary the degree of twists in your twisted square tubes, giving you a choice of ‘continuous twist’ (for a more obvious and dramatic effect), or an ‘incremental twist’ (for a softer and more subtle aesthetic). If you need our engineers to leave material untwisted (straight) at either end of the tube for installation reasons, we have the flexibility to do this. We typically manufacture this profile in either stainless steel 316L or stainless steel 304. The profile is especially popular for stainless steel handrails and balustrade spindles. We can also form this tube profile in copper, brass, and bronze for more decorative tube applications.

Twisted brass tubes for architecture and interior design

When formed from brass, this charming profile is reminiscent of traditional carousel poles. Indeed, our robust brass twisted square tubes have been used on working fairground rides, as well as for architectural designs that seek to create a fairground look. For a more subtle effect, looser twisted brass hollow sections can be used for lighting design, furniture, door handles and rails. We recommend that to minimise oxidisation and discolouration, the brass is polished and lacquered after forming, or treated with an appropriate finish. Speak to Timeless about these processes.

Mirror polished brass twisted square tubing
Ornate brass maritime sculpture made from brass twisted square tubing on display in Bournemouth

Artistic specialty tubing with a sculptural appeal

Our engineers have formed this tubing for two independent high-profile art installations (one of which was a moving artwork located in the shop windows of Selfridges Department store in London, and the other is a permanent statue situated in a prestigious coastal area of Bournemouth). These are a testament to the fact that twisted square tubing has sculptural qualities which afford it a strong aesthetic appeal. If you want to harness the strength of stainless steel in your application but would like to experiment with colour, talk to our team about power coating or PVD finishes, or visit our metals and finishes page.

Fabrication services for twisted square tube

This decorative tube, popular with interior designers, artists, sculptors and architects, can be fabricated by Timeless so that it is ready to be installed. Our expert metal fabricators can cut, weld and polish this tubing in-house should you require. Our skilled fabricators have the tooling and the know-how when it comes to further fabrication of this decorative tube profile, saving you the effort of managing further fabrication processes yourself.

Find out more about our Fabrication services
Multiple lengths of mirror polished brass twisted square tube

Metals and finishes

There are several finishes available for this decorative tubing option – from a super mirror polish to a contemporary satin finish. Speak to our team about other finishes available for stainless steel or aluminium twisted square tube such as anodising or PVD coating.

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stainless steel in a mill finish
Stainless Steel
aluminium in a mill finish
brass in a mill finish
cupronickel in a mill finish


Stainless steel and aluminium 5083 twisted square tube profiles are sold in lengths of 5.8m (the manufacturing process reduces the standard 6m length by 0.2 metres).

Can’t see the tube sizes you need in the table? Contact us about custom-sized tubing; we may able to fabricate a new size to meet your project requirements. Or download our brochure, which contains sizing information for existing aluminium and brass tubing too, as well as all stainless steel sizes.


If required, we can find out wall thickness tolerances from our metal suppliers. Typically the tolerance levels of wall thickness are extremely minimal and any small variations in thickness do not affect further fabrication or the end application. However, it is important to tell us if the tolerance is critical to the application before you place an order. For example, if the shaped tubing component needs to go inside another component, or if the tubing has to house a component, any variation in wall thickness could be critical.

The image above shows how dimensions are detailed
(for example, 17mm x 17mm x 1.5mm)

Sizes given below are for stainless steel.

Tube Sizes
17mm x 17mm
23mm x 23mm
28mm x 28mm
33mm x 33mm
45mm x 45mm
66mm x 66mm
88mm x 88mm
wall thickness
wall thickness
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Applications for twisted square tube

  • Staircases
  • Spindles
  • Balustrades
  • Balusters
  • Furniture
  • Decorative shrouds
  • Lighting
  • Door handles

International shipping available

Our clients come to us from across the globe for our unique shaped tubing and specialist tube fabrication. We can ship our twisted square tube to North America and Europe in as little as 48 hours. Our freight team will work to meet your transit times and budget; get in touch to discuss shipping options.

Find out more about international shipping
International shipping
Timeless specialists looking over technical drawings for a tubing project

Need help finding the right size and tube shape?

Speak with one of our tube specialists to find out how best to integrate shaped tubing into your project. We can give you information on the best profile, metal, finish and dimensions for your application.

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We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

We can develop new sizes

Don't see a size you need? Just specify the size you require in your message.

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