November 24, 2022

Timeless Tube attains accreditation for British manufacturers

Timeless Tube has joined a growing collection of elite businesses from the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark of ‘Made in Britain’.

The now widely recognised mark is protected and can only be used by members of Made in Britain who meet a strict criteria to be part of the scheme.

Timeless Tube has been forming shaped tube in their Dorset-based workshop for over 30 years, achieving both national and international recognition. Clients from all over the world use Timeless tubes because of the unique shapes and sizes, high-quality finish, and the customised solutions offered by the engineering team.

Having the accreditation is to us, more about what it means to consumers. We’re proud of the fact that we make high-quality, unique tubes here in our UK-based workshop. But it is our customers who tell us how much better the quality of our tubing is compared with those made by larger overseas manufacturers. We are hoping that the accreditation will bring our product to the attention of British engineers and architects who want to work with UK-based suppliers. Quality is paramount to us at Timeless Tube — we are hoping that the accreditation will be a shorthand to signal this quality to new clients”, explains Timeless MD Tom McMillan.

Timeless Tube are currently entering into dialogue with other manufacturers regarding new product development opportunities. “We are excited about the possibility of joining forces with other members of the Made in Britain scheme to create new products or to simply inspire each other. We believe that Britain is home to some of the world’s most exciting, creative designers and engineers. We hope the accreditation will offer us exposure to other pioneering companies, and allow us to develop new partnerships with organisations who share our passion for great design” continues McMillan.

John Pearce, chief executive of Made in Britain said: “The Made in Britain mark and directory of members helps suppliers and buyers procure with confidence. This is even more important in challenging and unpredictable markets. We are delighted to welcome Timeless Tube to our fast growing community of like-minded manufacturers and we look forward to them connecting with and supporting our network of members”.

Asides from the decorative stainless steel handrails and balustrades that Timeless Tube has earned its reputation upon, Timeless is increasingly recognised for making elliptical metal tubing for innovative product design. The engineers regularly work with fabricators to modify tubing so that it can house electrical cables and sensors; profiles such as flat-sided oval tubing and D-shaped tubing provide useful flat sides for accommodating components and fixing to other surfaces. Find out more about some of the custom-made parts and prototypes that Timeless have helped to create.