November 24, 2022

Timeless commissioned to create stunning statement staircase

Timeless Tube were recently commissioned to fabricate 100 stainless steel square spindles for a luxury property in Kent. The designers at Precision Renovations London approached Timeless with their vision, which the Timeless team helped to actualise to stunning effect. Fabricated from Timeless's signature twisted tube, the hand-polished metal spindles were designed to beautifully reflect the warm light emitted from the underlit steps.

Dramatic sweeping staircase featuring custom-made Timeless spindles - Precision Renovations London

The spindles were fabricated from two sizes of Timeless’s radiused square profiles – tactile square tubing featuring gently contoured edges. Fabricators were able to control the pitch and tightness of the twist, creating a 180-degree twist in the centre stretched across a length of 30cm.

After a sample spindle was approved, Timeless scanned both square profiles to acquire precise sizes to make end caps. 200 end caps measuring 45x45mm were laser-cut from sheet stainless steel with a 34x34mm incision for the smaller tube to fit within. Each end cap was carefully TIG-welded to the 45x45mm end sections. They were then cut at angles specified by Precision Renovation's fitters before they were hand-polished to a super mirror finish at the Timeless polishing studio. 

The spindles were secured to a polished walnut wooden handrail by expert carpenters, with the larger square tube sections used to shroud the fixings. 

Bespoke square tubing with contoured edges and an elegant twist in the centre - Precision Renovations London

Our clients seek the very best in design. It is important that key design features such as staircases are custom-made to enhance the uniqueness of the property we are renovating. They can transform a space. This one- of-a-kind staircase is both elegant and robust, with a sculptural feel to the spindles.” says Lorenc Cekaj, joint CEO of Precision Renovations London. 


Light reflects beautifully from the specially commissioned twisted steel spindles - Precision Renovations London.

Some designers and architects debate whether timber or metal is the better material. In reality they can both work really well together. This staircase proves that people need not choose between the two materials. It is a joy to see our custom-made metalwork combined with the warmth of the dark walnut handrail.” says Timeless MD Tom McMillan.

It was a pleasure collaborating with the skilled designers and makers from the Precision Renovations London team” adds McMillan.