December 20, 2023

Timeless’s twisted oval tube pendants make for ‘simple yet effective’ anxiety aids

At Timeless, we take pride in the versatility of our tube profiles. This year we embarked on a remarkable journey with Hera Mindful Healing to create something truly special – the Breathe Pendant. Crafted from our distinctive twisted oval tube profile, this pendant is not just a stylish accessory; it's a powerful breathing aid designed to facilitate the perfect exhale.

Tiny stainless steel oval tube pendants feature a carefully formed twist.

The Breathe Pendant: A Breath of Relief for Anxiety Sufferers

Hera Mindful Healing, a UK-based not-for-profit organisation, approached us with a vision to alleviate anxiety through the power of breath. The result? A unique pendant that blends seamlessly into your lifestyle while offering a discreet yet effective solution for stress reduction.

Made from medical-grade 316 stainless steel, the Breathe Pendant is a testament to simplicity and efficacy. Its twisted oval design is not only visually appealing but serves a crucial purpose in breath work. Users take a deep breath in, then exhale slowly through the tube. This slow and controlled release of breath promotes a sense of focus and calm. It also serves to reduce the stress hormone and the fight or flight response.

Each tube is ‘deburred’ by hand to make any sharp edges smooth and safe.

A Gift of Peace: Timeless Donates 100 Breathe Pendants to Hera Mindful Healing

This Christmas, Timeless is honoured to contribute to Hera Mindful Healing's mission by donating 100 custom-made Breathe Pendants. 

Tom McMillan, Managing Director of Timeless, shares his thoughts on the collaboration: "At Timeless, we're deeply invested in the importance of good mental health. When we learned from Hera Mindful Healing about the positive effects that these simple yet effective pendants had been creating, we were touched."

Two 3mm holes are drilled into each pendant to allow for a thin chain or cord to be threaded through.

Real Stories of Transformation: The Breathe Pendant in Action

Users have reported significant benefits in managing anxiety and stress by incorporating the Breathe Pendant into their daily routines.

Louise expresses her gratitude: "Wow! Thank you for this necklace; it has really helped me in social situations to control my anxiety."

Bridget shares a personal experience: "I used my Breathe when I had a medical procedure carried out; it stopped me from going into a full panic attack and enabled me to have a very important examination as it calmed me right down."

Any profit that Hera Mindful Healing makes from the sale of the Breathe Pendants will pay for the free provision of Hera’s counselling and support - support that is not widely available for sufferers of anxiety in the UK. Visit Hera Mindful Healing’s website to see how you can buy a pendant or contact Timeless so we can put you in touch with Hera.