November 24, 2022

You'll never guess who got promoted

Lola checking a large batch of flat-sided oval tubing made from 304 stainless steel with a brushed satin finish.

It’s been two months since Lola joined the team and she has excelled beyond any of our expectations. This week saw Lola oversee a large order ready for shipment, as you can see her supervision skills are second to none.

Apart from also supervising treats, Lola has been exceptional in the workplace overseeing our manufacturing process and will wag her tail to signal if the quality is to her standard. However, she also does this whenever food is present so we’re taking this signal with a grain of salt. Lola is very pleased with her promotion to quality control officer, she had the following to say about getting the new role:


However, Lola has stated she will not be pursuing a role in communications as she has discovered a language barrier with customers over the phone.