November 24, 2022

What's a blog about tube going to say? You'd be surprised.

Gulf Craft Majesty 110 super yacht with Timeless oval tube railings.

If we wrote an article about a piece of metal tube, you’d probably… Yep, there we go. You’ve already lost interest.

You’re probably wondering what a blog is doing on a business’ site who’s main trade is producing different tube profiles. Well, in short, this blog is not for our work; it’s for yours. Timeless has been around for over 30 years now and we have a wealth of clients in our books who have taken our product and implemented it into applications with truly innovative ideas.

We’ve seen clients use our tube for super yachts, homes, trains, hotels, car parts, even traction engines! This is just scraping the surface, so we want this blog to celebrate the diversity of ideas people have used our tube for.

Some of our clients will be contributing to posts to give insight into their design process, what challenges they faced and how our tube helped bring their work to life. Furthermore, a vast catalogue of different end applications means that you might even learn something. Everyday is a school day. We will be publishing new posts regularly so expect to see a variety of designs from across the world, from big to small. Who knows; maybe one day we’ll see your work on here too.

Home staircase – smaller projects like this one of a kind staircase, using twisted mirror polish tube for spindles.