November 24, 2022

Timeless twisted square tubing chosen for luxury lighting commission

We are delighted to have supplied shaped tubing to renowned British lighting engineers Jonathan Cole, which was used for a bespoke ceiling light commissioned by a high-profile private client.

Intricate yet masculine, the stunning ceiling light was fabricated from brass twisted square tubing. Brass was selected because it is softer and therefore more malleable than many other metals, making it easier to bend and cut. The tubes were joined together through the process of ‘brazing’. It was then sent away to have a black chemically patinated finish.

Timeless have built a reputation over the last 30 years for shaping high-quality decorative metal architectural tubing.

“We love engineering tubing for allsorts of applications”, says MD Tom McMillan. “But it’s always a joy to be asked to create tubing for artistic projects such as this. Seeing the end-result is very rewarding”.