November 24, 2022

Timeless supports plastic straw ban with reusable luxury straws

We are thrilled that in just a few months time the British government will be banning the use of plastic drinking straws in the UK.

Timeless Tube Managing Director Tom McMillan says ‘in 2018 we developed a range of recycled stainless steel straws to support the move away from single-use plastic. The straws are scaled-down versions of our signature twisted oval tube. It took a while to get the dimensions right as the straws needed to be thinner than most of our tubing.’

McMillan continues, ‘we’re extremely passionate about protecting our planet’s resources. At Timeless we do everything we can to be sustainable. We love making tubing from stainless steel because it is such a sustainable material. There are a lot more plastic straw alternatives out there from when we first started making ours, which is great. But many of them are produced in China, which still carries a high carbon footprint for European customers. We make these straws from our workshop in Dorset.’

Made from high-grade, food-safe recycled stainless steel the straws offer excellent corrosion resistance and a super-strong helical design.

Find out more about the straws.