We offer joiners for oval and twisted oval tubing, which enable you to connect tubes together at corners with a smooth, seamless finish.

This allows you to produce handrail and balustrades with greater ease. No longer do you have to cut the tubing at angles and weld them together to achieve tight joins – our joiners make this laborious process redundant. The joiners can work in conjunction with structural glass and brickwork.

We have two systems for joining. One is for tubing on an A-plane – these joiners are suitable for vertical bends, such as those you might see on a staircase. The B-plane joiners are suitable for joining horizontal tubes, such as those used on balconies and handrails. When used as a handrail, oval tubing can be dry joined, or joined by welding the castings into the tube without any visual defects (after polishing).

We also offer straight joiners, which are suitable for applications where the application requires a significant length of tubing, such as handrail in a large shopping centre. These joiners make the process of connecting tube lengths easier, but they also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Some of our clients require end caps for furniture and hand railings; these rounded components create an attractive curved finish. Because they have gentle curve to them, this also removes any potentially dangerous sharp edges.

We can supply our joiners in all the metals that we work with here at Timeless Tube. We stock SS 316L but other materials are available on request.

Our existing joiners are only suitable for oval and twisted oval tubing. However, if you have a substantial job that requires joiners for other shaped tubing please talk to us – we may be able to create castings to produce joiners that work for your chosen tubing design.

Joiners Sizes

Profile Dimensions (mm) 90° “A” Plane 75° “A” Plane 90° “B” Plane Joiner Casting End Cap Laser End Caps
Oval 23.5 x 13.3 x 1.5mm  
Oval 30.5 x 17.5 x 1.5mm  
Oval 39.5 x 20.5 x 1.5mm  
Oval 47 x 25 x 1.5mm  
Oval 61 x 37 x 2mm  
Oval 71 x 45 x 2.77mm  
Oval 86 x 58 x 3mm    
Oval 121 x 76 x 3mm  
Handrail 65 x 27 x 2mm          
Handrail 100 x 38 x 2mm          

Twisted Oval Tube

Innovative spiral forming applied to a classic oval tube design. This stunning twisted tube profile creates a mesmeric effect that is ideal for decorative metal architecture on buildings and boats.

Oval Tube

An ergonomic, tactile shape that is perfect for handrails and balustrades in conjunction with structural glass and brickwork. A low-maintenance design commonly used for architectural and marine purposes.

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