Fabrication Services

Expert metal fabrication for railings, components and tube manipulation

Timeless engineer welding machined components onto a length of D-shaped stainless steel tubing

Fine architectural and specialised metal services from highly experienced tube profile fabricators

Timeless also offer several additional services for further tubing and metalwork fabrication – from bending metal tubes to welding stainless steel components. Recognised for our excellence in bespoke metalwork, our talented team achieve the highest standards in order to meet your precise specifications. Clients regularly find that using Timeless’s additional tube fabrication services often helps to save time and budget.

Welding (TIG and MIG), Brazing and silver soldering

Stainless steel and aluminium welding

From one-off welding projects to batch welding work, our highly skilled welders can weld stainless steel and aluminium tubes, components and plates at the Timeless workshop. You may need stainless steel tube railings TIG welded together then blended and finished to achieve a neat, tidy seam. Or you may require a large run of components to be welded, where efficiency and strength is more important than achieving a refined finish (in which case we would suggest that MIG welding may be more appropriate). We accept a variety of welding jobs, whether or not your project involves tubing. Please get in touch to discuss your project with a qualified welder.


If you need very delicate metals to be joined, then we also offer a brazing service for brass, bronze and mild steel. This is ideal for applications that are made from thinner-based metals, such as motorbike exhausts and decorative architectural work. Please note that we have a very strict policy when it comes to handling mild steel at our workshop due to contamination issues with stainless steel).

Silver soldering

We can join metal together using silver solder if the application requires it. We have used this process for brass and copper metalwork, such as joining parts in brewers’ taps.

Marine welding

Based in Poole on the south coast of England, Timeless Tube are specialists in marine welding for stainless steel railings, gates, cleats, bollards, ladders, biminis, anchors and other working parts.

If you need new rails installed then we will be able to both supply the tube rails and fit these for you as required. Our close proximity to harbours and marinas in Poole, Christchurch and Southampton means that our expert welders regularly weld onsite for locally moored boats, if the work cannot take place in our workshop. Our welders have years of marine weld experience and will work safely and carefully aboard all sorts of craft – from small motorboats to superyachts. Discover more about our fabrication services for motorboats and yachts.

stainless steel oval tubing being welded to a marine rail post for use as a boat rail on a luxury yacht.
oval metal tubing being mounted into nylon rollers for bending into bespoke shapes

Tube bending and tube rolling

Speak to us if you need bends in your railings, structures or tubular components as this is something we can do from our workshop – whether you require large sweeping arcs or tighter, fixed radius bends. We can also achieve compound curves, which is especially useful for balustrades or railings on yachts.

We are able to create bends on both the A plane (vertical bends) and the B plane (horizontal bends). Sometimes new tooling needs to be made if a specific radius is required. Please note that we bend our elliptical and square tubing once it has been shaped.

If you require us to bend round tube, this is also possible – just ask.


We offer a ‘nominal’ or ‘rough’ cutting service for tubes, rods and plates. We have access to a CNC machine if the tolerances required are more critical.

We also offer deburring if you require neat, smooth edges after your tubes have been cut.

Unless we are asked to cut the shaped tubes to a specific size, we will supply uncut tubing in lengths of 5.8m for our shaped stainless steel tubes. However, you may find it more convenient for us to cut the tubes to your required size before we ship them to you. Shorter lengths allow for more compact packaging, which can help to reduce transportation costs. (Find out more about transportation and international shipping).

When you require complex shapes to be cut into or from the metalwork (such as precise holes or channels), we can arrange for your tubes and plates to be laser-cut or waterjet cut. Both methods can achieve highly accurate, consistent results – speak to our technical advisors as to which process is more appropriate for your application.

Timeless engineering cutting lengths of shaped tubing to size for a bespoke job
multiple lengths of stainless steel flat-sided oval tube with 5 axis CNC machined cutouts for precision engineering

5-axis CNC machining

We offer precision machining should you require accurate holes and shapes in your tubes: this is often a very economical process for small one-offs and prototyping. We typically use a CNC milling process for our tubing, but we also have CNC turning facilities should you need other metal components machined. We work from supplied drawings or samples, and can offer this service for all of the metals that we work with.

Tube flaring

If you require tapered tubing, we have the facility to produce a flare at the end of your tubes (providing that the wall thickness is sufficient and the tube seam is of a high quality). From aerospace cable housing to tubing that needs to attach to other fittings or hoses, we provide this specialist forming technique in-house. Talk to us about your flaring requirements.

Talk to us about your flaring requirements
multiple lenghts of stainless steel flat-sided oval tubing with flared ends for use in aviation fuel system
multiple lengths of d-shaped stainless steel tubing with laser etching on the outside

Laser etching

Laser etching on metal tubing is an excellent option for adding designs, logos or text to your metal tubing. It's a highly precise and accurate method that can produce intricate designs that are not possible with traditional methods, like stamping or engraving.

With laser etching, your designs will be permanent and resistant to wear, fading and corrosion, making it perfect for labelling or identifying parts or products that will be used in harsh or outdoor environments.

Whether it's for branding, marketing or decorative purposes, laser etching is a cost-effective and durable solution for your metal tubing needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with laser etching for your project.

Talk to us about Laser etching

Design consultancy and feasibility advice

Our highly experienced engineers regularly help clients with product development and prototypes.

We use our extensive knowledge of materials and tube manipulation processes to provide manufacturing feasibility advice – from the choice of material to guidance on how fix the tubing to other components. When an answer is not immediately obvious, we can run experiments on behalf of our clients in a controlled, systematic way until we achieve the required end-result.

We have access to a 3D scanning and photogrammetry system should you require us to convert your existing components into 3D data to help aid the design process. ​ If you have any relevant drawings or photos of your project, email them to us and one of our engineers can look at them with you.

If you want to speak to a specialist then give us a call. Alternatively we can arrange a video call or Covid-safe face-to-face meeting to discuss.

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Timeless specialists looking over technical drawings for a tubing project

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