Custom-made tooling

custom tooling for bending and shaping bespoke metal tubing

Custom-made tooling from Timeless Tubes

Everyone knows that you’ve got to have the right tools for the job. Sometimes the job requires us to make a new tool when a client needs something slightly different to the existing tubes we form here in the workshop.

Engineers, fabricators and architects often come to Timeless when off-the-shelf solutions just aren’t enough. We have the experience and skills to deliver complex specifications, and create new tools if necessary.

Sometimes we might need a new tool because a new size needs developing for a specific architectural, engineering project or application. Or because we need to shape the tubing so that it replicates an ornamental flourish on a listed building.

Casting tools and forming tools

Typically there are two main types of tools that we make. Sometimes we get casting tooling made, which then allows us to make metal parts such as joiners and other shaped components including decorative end caps. This tool development process can be time-consuming due to the processes involved.

We also make tools to shape standard round tubing into our distinct shapes. When we require a new forming tool, we typically need to make a prototype first from aluminium or nylon, depending upon how soft the metal is that we’ll be shaping. Once we are sure that the tooling works, we then get it made from a hardened D2 tool steel if required, which is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Our engineers will work swiftly to deliver the right tooling to achieve the right tubing for your project. Often our clients supply us with drawings, and we will study them to ensure they are realistic and achievable. (If you require CAD files of our tubes to include in your drawings, just ask).

Bends and flaring

We’re often required to add bends to handrail and balustrade tubing, or to tubes that are being used to house electronic components. In order to achieve the correct radius on a bend, we might need to get a tool made. Sometimes we need to adapt the end of the tube to create flaring, which may also require a special tool to ensure we achieve the critical dimension.

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If the tolerance levels are critical for your project, please discuss this with one of our engineers.