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Timeless have spent over three decades developing our forming techniques, which allows us to offer an unrivalled variety of tubing shapes, sizes and finishes. Our engineers form tubing by carefully cold-rolling round tube using specially engineered tooling; achieving a specific dimension or shape is a complicated process.

Our experienced engineers perform rigorous checks to ensure that tube strength and wall thickness is robust throughout. Discover more about the strength integrity of the tubing by reading our Tube deflection test results.

We work with premium-grade metals from trusted mills. We typically form our tubing from laser-welded round tube, which is stronger, and better joined, than high-frequency welded tube. We can use TIG-welded tube or seamless tube too. But before we select any material, we will talk to you about your application and what is required to ensure we choose the right metal, shape, size and finish. This attention to detail drives exceptional results.

Our additional services include fabrication, forming, bending, machining and polishing.

Twisted Oval Tube

Innovative spiral forming applied to a classic oval tube design. This stunning twisted tube profile creates a mesmeric effect that is ideal for decorative metal architecture on buildings and boats.

Flat-sided Oval Tube

Clean, rounded lines and a flat-sided profile provide strength for architectural purposes – with a flat side useful for fixing to other elements.

Radius Square Tube

Blended radius corners and a slight convex side provide greater strength than standard round tubing. This great alternative to box section tubing is popularly used for baluster railings and furniture.

Twisted Square Tube

Aesthetically striking, with the power to make a significant impact. Provides impressive strength integrity while being lighter and more cost-effective than conventional solid twisted bars.

D-shaped Tube

With a smooth top, flat section and incredible lateral strength, this ingenious design prevents water ingress and it’s easy to install. Ideal for handrail in public buildings and on marine craft.

Oval Tube

An ergonomic, tactile shape that is perfect for handrails and balustrades in conjunction with structural glass and brickwork. A low-maintenance design commonly used for architectural and marine purposes.

stainless steel tubing


Made from twisted oval tube, these sophisticated stainless steel straws are elegant, ergonomic and eco-friendly.

stainless steel tubing


An easy, seamless way of connecting tubes at corners — no need for awkward cutting and welding.

D-Shape and twisted oval tube balustrade


Our twisted metal spindles bring enduring elegance to any staircase or balcony.

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  • Minimum order quantity of 1 length (5.7m/5.8m).
  • Orders of 4 lengths or under incur a £50 set-up fee.
  • We do not form tube from mild steel.


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