Polishing services

Premium metal polishing for tubes, railings and small components

Reflective and grained finishes available from the Timeless professional polishing team

If your bespoke metalwork requires polishing post fabrication, our talented in-house polishing department may be able to help.

Timeless boast a fully-equipped polishing studio where we hand-polish tubing and other metalwork for a variety of clients, including architects, boat manufacturers, lighting designers, interior designers, restorers, aerospace professionals, brewers and private clients.

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Timeless Tube polishing team take great care in achieving a high-quality super marine polish for stainless steel boat railings

High-quality hand polishing for stainless steel, brass and aluminium

Our careful hand-polishing process enables us to achieve beautiful finishes depending upon client requirements. When rails or other metalwork have been welded, we achieve exceptional blending around welded joins with our handheld tools and premium-quality mops and polishing compounds. We take great pride in the quality of our work.

We polish a wide variety of metals, including stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminium and titanium. Our specialists have expert knowledge in the subtle but different processes used to polish different metals, which are typically dependent upon the softness of the metal.

We can polish stainless steel and brass in satin, dull, brushed and mirror polishes (for mirrored and brushed tube, we can polish along both the latitude and longitude). Aluminium can be polished to a mirror finish or brushed finish. We can also use a polishing machine for lengths of straight tubing, but most of our finishes are achieved by hand.

Creating a brushed finish using an abrasive belt
Super marine polish on stainless steel oval tube and round tube using a handheld polishing mop
Mirror polished brass twisted square tubing
Small stainless steel 316L metal plates and marine hardware can be brought to a super marine finish by our polishing experts

Hand-polished stainless steel and brass finishes

  • Mirror Polish (linear)
  • Mirror Polish (circumferential)
  • Super Marine Polish
  • Satin Polish
  • Brushed / Grained
Read our guide to metals and finishes
stainless steel in a mill finish
Mill Finish
stainless steel in a satin finish
Satin Finish
stainless steel in a mirror finish
Super Marine Polish

Hand polished tubing or pre-polished tubing?

Our experienced team can advise you on which finish is right for your application. In many instances it is more economical or efficient for us to use pre-polished tubing before we shape or polish it. However, if you are seeking a super marine polish (our most reflective finish) then we recommend further polishing after we have formed your tubing.

Polishing to protect stainless steel

Stainless steel tubes will not require further treatment once they have been polished, since the passive layer of chromium oxide protects the metal from corrosion. For polished brass and aluminium, we strongly advise that the metal tubes and plates are lacquered or chemically treated post-polishing to prevent oxidisation. We can manage this final process for you.  

large stainless steel door hinge with a mirror finish for super yacht
Large super marine mirror polished stainless steel boat hinge system by P.E Designz.
Timeless Tube Polisher polishing a bespoke railing made from mirror polish stainless steel
Super Marine Polish stainless steel boat rail polished by our Timeless polish team.

Offsite polishing services for existing railings

If you are unable to bring your railings or metalwork to our studio, our skilled metal polishers can work remotely. Our external polishing service includes polishing handrails, balustrades and fixings in residential and commercial properties and on motorboats and superyachts. We will carefully remove signs of damage and ageing, restoring your metalwork to its former condition.

Offsite polishing services for existing railings

We have the capacity to take on batch work for handheld components or rails, as well as one-off jobs. We operate with short lead times, providing a convenient polishing solution for clients using Timeless Tube to supply elliptical tubing and other shaped profiles.

Call to speak to our technical team about your application or read our guide to the metals and finishes that we offer.

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If you wish to receive any samples of our polishing work, please don’t hesitate to phone or email us with your request. We realise that images of our work are no substitute for seeing it for yourself.

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