November 24, 2022

Different types of stainless steel (INOX steel) finish

Left to right: Radius square tube in Mirror, Satin and Mill finish.

Did you know that stainless steel (inox steel) can be supplied in several different finishes? Ranging from descaled mill finish to super mirror marine!

Once stainless steel (inox steel) tube has been formed and seam welded it is descaled by the process of applying a pickling solution (a mixture of nitric and hydrofluoric acid). This removes any oxidisation therefore returning the material back to its prime corrosion resistant condition.

The descaled mill stainless steel (inox steel) finish has the welded seam smoothed over and has a very raw type of finish. It is an ideal solution where cost may be an issue yet you still require the corrosion resistance qualities for an external application. Commonly it may be painted or powder coated to finish.

Stainless steel (inox steel) dull polish or satin polish finish are both effectively to the eye a brushed finish. Dull polish is classed as a 240 grit finish and satin polish is 320 grit (not so coarse). These finishes tend to be used on applications such as handrails in public places and can be seen on the millennium bridge in London.

Both commercial mirror polish or super mirror marine polish stainless steel (inox steel) are of a bright finish, with the super mirror marine being closer to a mirror out of the two. Commercial mirror polish is a 600 grit finish and super mirror marine is 800 grit. Typical applications for these finishes can be found on superyachts. A great example of oval stainless can be found on the 96.25mtr superyacht Limitless built by Lürssen and designed by the Jon Bannenburg.