Stylish architectural tubing for cruiseliners, catamarans, superyachts and speedboats

Leading marine specifiers and architects have been using our shaped stainless steel tubing aboard sea-faring craft for boat railings for over three decades. We understand how important it is to create great-looking but durable metal architecture for boat railings that can withstand an uncompromising sea environment.

From stunning staircases on superyachts to grab rails on speedboats, our shaped tubes and boat railings offer the marine industry aesthetic, structural and ergonomic advantages over standard round tubing.

Maximum resistance to corrosion

We make our exterior tubing for boat railings from stainless steel 316L (1.4404), which contains a higher nickel and molybdenum content for more corrosive resistance (we can work with duplex and superduplex stainless steel if required).

Unique railings and handrails

Every yacht and tender requires boat railings and boat handrails – regardless of its size and specification. But the boat railings don’t all have to look the same. Using shaped metal tube that deviates from standard round tubing is a subtle way to enhance the overall design.

We know how carefully considered the aesthetics of luxury craft are, with designers and architects often seeking a seamless transition between the exterior decks and the interior of each yacht. Our elegant shaped boat railing tubing can help to create this stylistic flow between different parts of the craft, because it looks good both inside and out.

Our shaped railings are also safer than round tube railings because they are easier to grip (when you grasp a round handrail you’re more prone to slipping). Similarly, oval tube boarding ladders are more comfortable to climb and offer better grip than round tube ladders.

Luxury tenders and RIBs

Timeless fabricate handrails and grab rails for some of the industry’s most prestigious and most discerning tender designers. The build quality and finish of all onboard features needs to exude the same level of luxury as those on superyachts. As with all our marine architecture, the ergonomics of the boat railings is paramount — especially as these boat railings serve an important role in keeping passengers safe and comfortable. We typically shape grab rails from our oval tubing and radius square tubing — hands fit comfortably and securely around these shapes (and unlike round tube, hands are not prone to the same degree of slippage).

Robust yet refined, the boat railings are designed so that they are sturdy but with a slim projection so that they do not protrude too much. We fabricate bespoke boat railings for the front of the navigator’s seat, on the gunwales and to ease boarding and disembarking. We can also create boarding ladders. Please talk to us about our bending and finishing boat railing services.

Popular tubing for marine use

Oval tube is our most popular tubing for marine use. It is used predominantly for onboard boat railings. Timeless offer a bending service for oval and flat-sided oval tubing which happens once we have shaped the tube, so that the tubes are ready for installation. We can create compound curves (curves that require two bends), sweeping curves or tight radius bends. Speak to us about the radius that we can achieve, as well as our other fabrication services.

D-shaped tube – our handrail tube – has a smooth top and flat section on the underside that allows water to flow off it, preventing water ingress, which means that it is easier to maintain. Its distinctive ridged design creates a flat and secure base, which fixes easily to bulwarks and balustrades.

Our twisted oval tube boasts attractive contours that catch the light beautifully, and make for stunning spindles on staircases.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or order a sample, or read more about our six tube profiles.

Customisation made easy

Refit or refurbishment, brand new boat design or prototype, our uniquely shaped tubing is a simple way of offering your clients greater choice when it comes to the design of their yacht. Our engineers will work hard to fabricate tubing of any size to meet your needs – even if this requires us to make new tooling.

Many of our marine clients select stainless steel 316L tubing with a mirror polish. The highly reflective, smooth mirror polish is achieved by polishing the tubing down to approximately 0.2 microns; the smooth and shiny surface reduces areas for corrosive elements such as sodium chloride to rest and cause damage.

We can also form tubing from bronze or brass, or apply PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) titanium ion plating to create a brass-effect – or other colours. If you like traditional teak wood but want to enjoy the properties of aluminium or stainless steel, we can powder coat the tubing with a teak wood-effect. Typically clients choose stainless steel 316L with a mirror polish, because the mirror finish is polished down to approximately 0.2 microns, which produces a very smooth and reflective surface; this reduces areas that for corrosive elements such as sodium chloride can rest and cause damage. Find out more about the metals and finishes we form from.

Refits, repairs and restoration for motorboats and yachts

If you have a piece of railing that has been scratched or dented and is in need of replacing or repairing, speak to us and we will advise you on what can be done.

For refits and repairs, we make stainless steel oval boat deck handrail and handles in a wide range of sizes and shapes (we can also source round stainless steel tubing if you want to replace your existing round railings with similar tube).

Our experienced team of fabricators are specialists in welding stainless steel railings for yachts, motorboats and tenders. We can also mend or polish boat parts such as ladders, gates, handrails, cleats, bollards, biminis and anchors.

Our comprehensive stainless steel polishing service includes scratch removal and re-graining. You might own an older boat that has handrails that you want to rejuvenate. We can give the metalwork a super mirror polish to bring the boat back to its former brightness.

Our metal fabricators are trusted by several leading British and international boat-makers, who use Timeless to bend, weld and polish the tube railings once we have shaped them. These naval architects and designers can rely on the fact that our specialist team always achieve high-quality bends and exceptional finishes. Outsourcing these fabrication services to our team creates efficiency and cost-savings in this manufacture process.

Ideally situated near the UK's busiest marinas

Based in Poole on the south coast of England, Timeless Tube is close to several marinas in the areas of Poole, Christchurch and Southampton. Although we typically restore boat deck railings in our workshop, if necessary, our specialist team can weld or polish onsite for motorboats, yachts and tenders moored in the south of England.

Custom-made hinges for concealed gates and collapsible mechanisms

Timeless partner with internationally renowned hinge experts PE Marine Designz, who specialise in designing and making patented multi-pivot hinges for super yachts and motorboats. These bespoke hinge designs integrate clever functionality such as concealed power assistance with Timeless Tube’s premium shaped tube profiles to achieve both impressive aesthetics and performance. Combining high-end aesthetics and optimal functionality, the bespoke tube-based solutions remove the need for unsightly latches and unnecessary shrouding sometimes used to mask fittings. The unique designs are bespoke, so if you are looking for cleverly concealed gates and foldaway furniture and T-tops that do not compromise on style, speak to our team about these innovative geometric solutions, or find out more about PE Marine Designz’s pioneering tube technology and the solutions it provides for marine applications.

Marine-related applications

  • Handrails
  • Grab rails
  • Balustrades
  • Staircases
  • Biminis
  • T-tops
  • Gates
  • Awnings
  • Furniture (foldaway and freestanding)
  • Kick rails
  • Boarding ladders
  • Barware

Tubing used for marine applications:

Twisted Oval Tube

Innovative spiral forming applied to a classic oval tube design. This stunning twisted tube profile creates a mesmeric effect that is ideal for decorative metal architecture on buildings and boats.

Flat-sided Oval Tube

Clean, rounded lines and a flat-sided profile provide strength for architectural purposes – with a flat side useful for fixing to other elements.

Radius Square Tube

Blended radius corners and a slight convex side provide greater strength than standard round tubing. This great alternative to box section tubing is popularly used for baluster railings and furniture.

Twisted Square Tube

Aesthetically striking, with the power to make a significant impact. Provides impressive strength integrity while being lighter and more cost-effective than conventional solid twisted bars.

D-shaped Tube

With a smooth top, flat section and incredible lateral strength, this ingenious design prevents water ingress and it’s easy to install. Ideal for handrail in public buildings and on marine craft.

Oval Tube

An ergonomic, tactile shape that is perfect for handrails and balustrades in conjunction with structural glass and brickwork. A low-maintenance design commonly used for architectural and marine purposes.


Our marine tubing goes beyond railings and staircases. For example, our engineers have worked closely with the team at premier marine equipment supplier, Lewmar, to create stainless steel tubing for an innovative mechanical awning for yachts. We’ve fabricated telescopic tubing for a hydraulic lift that is used to launch tenders and RIBS on super yachts.

We have even made a door handle for a fridge on-board a yacht, with a special locking mechanism to prevent it from opening during voyages.

Our engineers love using their creativity and expertise to produce tubing for new applications, so please chat to us to see if we can help with your projects.

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