World-renowned tubing solutions

For over 30 years, our specialist engineers have been manufacturing bespoke metal tubes and their casting systems. Our five distinct tube designs are used by architects and fabricators across a wealth of industries.

Each design has different properties, with profiles such as flat-sided oval tube and twisted square tube offering significant advantages over standard round tubing.

Whether you want just one length or 1000 lengths of tube, we will create each one with the same fastidious attention to detail.

Prototypes and product development

Our innovative engineers welcome any opportunity to use their creativity and skill to customise tubing to meet our clients’ needs. Sometimes we even have to make new tooling in order to make new tube sizes.

Our ability to manufacture bespoke prototypes helps to make the product development process – and niche jobs – easier for you.

Premium-grade metals only

Most of our tubes are manufactured from stainless steel as it offers excellent resistance to corrosion. We use two grades of premium-quality stainless steel; stainless steel 304L (1.4301), which is the most popular industry grade, and stainless steel 316L (1.4404), which contains a higher nickel and molybdenum content for greater corrosive resistance.

We also use aluminium 5083, aluminium 6063 T6, titanium, copper, brass and bronze. (We can work with other metals provided they are non-ferrous).

To ensure the optimal quality of our tube profiles, we only partner with leading metal suppliers.

 Superior service 

We’re proud to have pioneered some ‘world first’ tubing designs. But we’re equally proud of the care we give our clients. We won’t try to sell you a service or finish unless you actually need it. Our approach is transparent – and we listen well so that we can meet your needs.

The only thing that we’re not upfront about is the exact nature of our manufacturing process, which is a closely guarded secret. (Saying that, if you want to visit us at our workshop in Dorset, we’ll gladly make you a cup of tea and show you around).

If you need any fabrication, polishing, bending and machining, speak to us about managing this for you as it could save you time and money.

Client Portfolio

Our extensive client list includes construction giants JCB, Japanese powerhouse  Hitachi, global cinema chain Cineworld, and the new Tottenham Hotspurs stadium (where our stainless steel tubes form part of their unique ‘Sky Walk’).

We’ve made prototypes for American acoustic consultants The Modal Shop, laboratory specification tubing for leading UK environmental solutions company  Veolia, and beautiful display structures for luxury department store Selfridges.

Superyacht designers from the luxury yacht industry have used our marine-grade stainless steel 316L tube profiles for widespread applications aboard Gulf Craft  Pascoe InternationalPrincess Yachts, Greenline Yachts and Sunseeker.


Cost-effective delivery

We have built a unique relationship with our suppliers and partners to enable us to offer haulage networks at economical prices. We have access to a full fleet of lorries with nationwide coverage to offer cost-effective delivery wherever you’re based in the UK.

For smaller orders, we can cut down the tube and therefore cut down the cost by reducing long length charges.

  • Nationwide haulage network.
  • Express delivery available for small orders (under 10 lengths).
  • Same-day shipping subject to availability of material and stock.
  • Worldwide delivery available upon request.


Across the metal industry, we know that tubes aren’t often transported with the TLC that they may deserve; receiving damaged goods can be a source of great frustration.

That’s why Timeless take extra care in making sure we package and ship our materials to exceed our customer’s expectations. It is possible for our tube profiles to be packaged in protective round cardboard tubes then placed in wooden crates to prevent damage to your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

The business was established in 1987, since then we have been a pioneer in tube manufacturing. Timeless Tube are the original innovators of the ornamental tube.
We manufacture all our tube profiles from round tubes of the various metals.
From the number of lengths manufactured our flat sided oval tube is the most popular, but this is closely followed by oval tube.
Our most popular flat sided oval tube sizes are:
i. First: 39.0mm x 19.0mm x 1.5mm
ii. Second: 31.0mm x 15.0mm x 1.5mm
ii. Joint Third: 62.0mm x 31.0mm x 1.5mm and 62.0mm x 31.0mm x 3.0mm

Our most popular oval tube sizes are:
i. First: 47.0mm x 25.0mm x 1.5mm
ii. Joint second: 61.0mm x 37.0mm x 1.5mm along with 39.5mm x 20.5mm x 1.5mm
iii. Fourth: 23.5mm x 13.3mm x 1.5mm

Yes, we do. We sell castings and rubber feet. Get in touch for more information.
Our stainless steel 316L, stainless steel 304L and aluminium 5083 is supplied to us in 6 meter lengths.
Our aluminium 6063 T6 is supplied to us in 5 meter lengths,
Our brass CZ108 and bronze is supplied in either 3 or 5 meters

Our manufacturing process reduces the length by 0.2 meters (0.3 meters for flat sided oval),

Therefore depending on the material and profile we sell a length as
5.8 meters (5.7 meters for flat sided oval)
4.8 meters (4.7 meters for flat sided oval)
2.8 meters (2.7 meters for flat sided oval)

It is possible to buy less than a length

*The 200mm x 100mm oval this is supplied in 5.4 meter lengths.

Yes, it is possible to order a different size.

Before being added to our standard orderable range, all of our bespoke tube profiles have been through an extensive development process to prove out the new size.

Please contact us to ask about different tube sizes.

Yes, you can order a sample. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.
For orders over five lengths, there is no manufacturing set up fee.
For each order placed for less than four lengths of tube, there is a manufacturing set up fee of £50.00.
No, we do not use mild steel in our manufacturing workshop due to contamination issues.

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