Stainless Steel Tubing for smaller projects

We often get asked about tubing for small projects, such as short sections of handrail, handles, repair jobs (gazebo and tent poles!) or for automotive jobs such as customising motorbikes. We are now selling tubing for some of our most popular sizes on eBay, allowing customers to buy our tubing in small quantities — in 0.5-metre increments going up to 3m (contact us directly if you require over 3m). We also sell joiners for the two oval profiles that we offer on eBay.

If you can’t see the shape and/or size that you are looking for then please do contact us and we will try to help.

And, just because you’re using our stainless steel tubes for a small project, you can still expect our full support and first-class customer service.

Currently, these are the shapes and sizes we have available to buy on eBay:

Don’t see the shape and size you need?

If you only need a length or less, email us with details of the shape, size and metal you require and tell us what it needs to be used for. We may still be able to help.

How long is our minimum order quantity of one length?

Although our minimum order quantity is just one length, a length is actually quite long if you’re only looking for a small amount of tubing. A stainless steel length is usually 5.8 metres long (and sometimes a stainless steel length is 5.7 metres, depending on the shape of tube used). And because it takes us time to set up our machine with the right tooling for each shape and size required, we have to charge a fee of £50 for all orders of 4 lengths or under.

We understand that some of our customers won’t need 6 metres of tubing, but the process needs to be cost-effective for ourselves as well as our clients. We will continue to monitor the size and shapes of tubing for smaller order quantities in case we need to add more ready-to-buy tubes to the eBay stock.

Why we don’t work with mild steel 

Sometimes customers ask us for mild steel tubing because this is cheaper than other metals. Timeless only work with premium metals that we know form well when we shape them. Mild steel contaminates stainless steel, so we only use non-ferrous metals here at the workshop.

So, if you need stainless steel tubing for a small project, Timeless has you covered. Contact us today!