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Ornamental Square Tube

The ornamental square tube design has a stronger aesthetic appeal with its refined shape when compared to conventional box section tubing. The ornamental square tube profile consists of blended radius corners and a slight convex side.

The smart design of this tube profile with softened corners is a popular choice for a vast number of applications. Not only does it offer a more pleasing appearance, but the profile design provides more strength compared to standard box section tubing.

The ornamental square tube lends itself to many applications. This ornate tube profile is a popular alternative to round tube for uses such as manufacturing furniture and baluster railing.

Due to its appealing looks and range of available sizes, it is ideal for balustrade and handrail panels. While the two largest tube sizes are suitable for newel posts, commonly known as staircase spindles. It is also the perfect solution for medical furniture and laboratory equipment where a wipe clean environment is a must.

For inspiration or to see some of our past projects, why not visit our gallery to see some of the many situations where our ornamental square tubing works brilliantly.

Usually manufactured in either stainless steel 316L or stainless steel 304, we can also form this square tube profile in copper, brass, and bronze for more decorative tube applications. Speak to us today for more information on choosing the right metal for your project.

The ornamental square tube profile is commonly supplied in a bright polish finish. Further sisal polishing can quickly achieve a mirror finish. Get in touch with our expert team for more information on the various finishes available.

When ordering this beautiful tube profile, please be aware that our manufacturing process reduces the length by 0.2 meters. This results in our stainless steel ornamental square tube profiles and aluminium 5083 oval tube profiles are sold in lengths of 5.8 meters. Other metals are supplied in different tube sizes; the total is size reduced by 0.2 meters.

Ornamental Square Tube Applications

Staircases Balusters
Spindles Newels
Balustrades Balconies
Railings Furniture


Stainless Steel 316l / 1.4404

All of our five tube products are available in premium quality stainless steel 316L. Also known as 1.4404 stainless steel, this marine grade stainless steel have fantastic qualities with a high resistance to corrosion. Perfect for exterior applications both structural and decorative, it is a strong and versatile material that is ideal for marine applications.

Stainless steel 304 / 1.4301

Any of our tube styles can be made using stainless steel 304. Sometimes referred to as 1.4301 stainless steel, this practical and versatile material provides ample strength while retaining a high degree of manipulability. This quality metal is suitable for structural and decorative purposes and lends itself to interior applications.

Aluminium 5083

Aluminium 5083 is a high quality premium grade aluminium that possesses immense strength coupled with excellent formability. This combination makes aluminium 5083 perfect for a wide range of applications. This material has a high value, but the additional attribute of being lighter in weight makes it desirable for specific projects.

Aluminium 6063

Aluminium 6063 is cost effective alternative for applications where strength and weight are key attributes. Although a lower grade material compared to aluminium 5083, it remains a practical and versatile metal that can be used to create our flat sided oval tubes, oval tubes and ornamental square tubes.

Copper / Brass / Bronze

Copper is a pure metal that is known for its strength, durability, resistance to corrosion and natural reddish brown colour.

Brass is an alloy consisting of copper and zinc, which increases its strength compared to pure copper and provides a lighter gold-like finish.

Bronze is also an alloy consisting primarily of copper that offers increased strength and more resistance to abrasion.

All of our tube products are available in these metals and are suitable for decorative applications due to their enhanced aesthetics.

Other Metals

Contact us for more information on using alternative materials.

Stainless Steel Tube Finishes

Our quality stainless steel tubes are available in different finishes depending on your project requirements. We can deliver your tubes with a mill finish or descaled finish that is ready for you to incorporate into your project.

Brushed or satin finishes offer a warmer tone to unfinished stainless steel and is effective in disguising blemishes or fingerprints.

Alternatively, you could opt for a bright polished finish which provides a stunning aesthetic with reflective qualities and can achieve a mirror finish with sisal polishing.

Ornamental Square Tube Specifications.

ornamental square tube

The image above shows how dimensions are detailed, for example 45mm x 45mm x 1.5mm. Please see the full range of sizes in our enquiry form below..

Below is a table of the available tube sizes. If you are looking for different stainless steel tube sizes, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Ornamental Square Stainless Steel Tube Sizes

Width Height Thickness
17mm x 17mm x 1.5mm
23mm x 23mm x 1.5mm
28mm x 28mm x 1.5mm
28mm x 28mm x 2mm
33mm x 33mm x 1.5mm
33mm x 33mm x 2mm
45mm x 45mm x 1.5mm
45mm x 45mm x 2mm
66mm x 66mm x 1.5mm
66mm x 66mm x 2mm
88mm x 88mm x 1.5mm
88mm x 88mm x 2mm

For our full range see Enquiry Form (once material has been selected).

If you can’t find the steel tube dimensions in the steel tube sizes chart above, please use the enquiry form below and enter your required tube sizes in the additional notes field.

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