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Building Relationships…

We believe that the best way for you to know the premium quality of our tube profiles is to see them for yourself. That’s why Timeless Tube offer to supply samples for new and existing customers to showcase our products and enable prototypes to be developed. Our client base is continually growing. We understand [...]

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Have you seen our 5 unique profiles…

We recently attended the Monaco Yacht Show and our new flyers were really successful.  We love the way it shows many of our 5 tube profiles.  Take a look and let us know how many flyers you would like us to send to you, free of charge of course.  Remember, we can supply our [...]

By | 2017-11-02T14:45:36+00:00 November 1st, 2017|

You’ll never guess who got promoted…

It’s been two months since Lola joined the team and she has excelled beyond any of our expectations. This week saw Lola oversee a large order ready for shipment, as you can see her supervision skills are second to none. Apart from also supervising treats, Lola has been exceptional [...]

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Forming Tube is like Pottery

Over the years we have come across the assumption from many individuals who believe we simply “crush” tube in order to create a profile. However, there is a little more to it than that. When customers or suppliers ask how we form our tube profiles, we tend to fall back on this analogy. The [...]

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Meet Lola; our new company moral officer!

With summer production ramping up, we felt the need to expand our employee base. Meet Lola; our new company morale officer. We thought long and hard about who would embody this role and Lola’s qualities made her stand out above the rest. We tried testing out Terry the Tarantula for the role however [...]

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What’s a blog about tube going to say? You’d be surprised.

If we wrote an article about a piece of metal tube, you'd probably… Yep, there we go. You've already lost interest. You're probably wondering what a blog is doing on a business' site who's main trade is producing different tube profiles. Well, in short, this blog is not for our work; it's for yours. [...]

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Different types of stainless steel (inox steel) finish

Did you know that stainless steel (inox steel) can be supplied in several different finishes? Ranging from descaled mill finish to super mirror marine! Once stainless steel (inox steel) tube has been formed and seam welded it is descaled by the process of applying a pickling solution (a mixture of nitric and hydrofluoric acid). This removes [...]

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