Why stainless steel is better than mild steel 

At Timeless we never make mild steel tubes or use tooling made from mild steel. It contaminates the stainless steel and the other non-ferrous metals that we work with. The stainless steel tubes that we form our shaped tubes from are supplied by reputable stockholders to ensure that they are clean and contamination-free.

Mild steel is cheaper than stainless steel. But it looks and feels a lot cheaper too. And the lack of alloying elements in mild steel means that the iron content in it is prone to oxidisation (rust) if it’s not properly coated. So in the long run, it will need replacing quicker.

Inox is simply the European/French blanket term for stainless steels. Stainless steel translates into French as ‘acier inoxydable’, or ‘l’acier inoxydable’ – or simply, l’inox. The literal translation being steel unoxidisable – steel which does not oxidise/rust.