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Ornamental Square Tube

The ornamental square tube profile comes in seven sizes with a seamless form of blended radius corners and a very slight convex side. This profile is a popular alternative to round tube, for uses such as manufacturing furniture and baluster railing.

The ornamental square tube lends itself to many applications, as its radius corners and its slight convex form provide greater strength compared to conventional box section tubing.

Due to its appealing looks and range of available sizes, it is ideal for balustrade and handrail panels. It is the perfect solution for medical furniture where a wipe clean environment is a must. The two largest sizes are ideal for newel posts (staircase spindles). Usually manufactured in either 316 or 304 steel, we can also form this profile in copper, brass, bronze, titanium and aluminium.

Supplied in bright polish, it needs very little effort to achieve a mirror result with sisal polishing.

ornamental square tube

The image above shows how dimensions are detailed, for example 45mm x 45mm x 1.5mm. Please see the full range of sizes in our enquiry form below.


Ornamental Square Tube Specifications

Ornamental Square tube is available in both Stainless steel grades 316 and 304, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Titanium and Aluminium.

Dimensions Wall Thickness
17.0mm x 17.0mm 1.5mm
23.0mm x 23.0mm 1.5mm
28.0mm x 28.0mm 1.5mm
33.0mm x 33.0mm 1.5mm
45.0mm x 45.0mm 1.5mm
66.0mm x 66.0mm 1.5mm / 2.0mm
88.0mm x 88.0mm 1.5mm / 2.0mm

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