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Handrail Tube

Our unique handrail profile has been developed with ease of installation in mind. It’s the ideal solution for public buildings, private yachts and cruise liners. Its tremendous lateral strength and distinctive ridged design allow a flat and secure base to apply to bulwarks, brickwork and balustrades, including glass.

The underside lends itself to take square cut balusters welded directly to the handrail. A glazing channel can be welded or attached by threaded inserts to the underside. All sizes come in a bright polish finish and only require a sisal mop polish after fabrication.

This profile has tremendous lateral strength and is a perfect replacement for traditional bulwark capping/handrails on larger boats and cruise liners. The shape will also stop water ingress to the underside.

A stainless steel alternative to teak bulwark capping. With the limited availability and ever increasing cost of teak, this new product has become the the selection of choice for boat owners and shipbuilders alike. Marine grade 316 stainless steel handrail section also requires no maintenance and will always look as good as new.

For external applications, marine grade 316 Stainless Steel is our best material for forming this profile. We can also form this profile in copper, brass, bronze and aluminium. Please contact us with your requirements.

handrail tubes

The image above shows how dimensions are detailed, for example 65mm x 27mm x 2mm, please see the full range of sizes in our enquiry form below.


Handrail Tube Specifications

Dimensions Wall thickness
34mm x 12mm 1.5mm
50mm x 18mm 1.5mm
65mm x 27mm 2mm
100mm x 40mm 2mm
138mm x 49mm 2mm

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