Timeless team with internationally renowned hinge specialists to bring you customised tube technology

Timeless enjoys a longstanding partnership with internationally renowned hinge and collapsible mechanism engineers, PE Marine Designz, bringing our clients the best in customised gate and telescopic tube technology. Headed up by marine stylist and engineer Paul Edmondson, the pioneering company specialise in designing and making patented multi-pivot hinges for superyachts and motorboats.

The bespoke hinge designs integrate clever functionality such as concealed power assistance with Timeless Tube’s premium shaped tube profiles to achieve both impressive aesthetics and performance. This means that clients need not choose between high-end aesthetics and optimal functionality: the bespoke tubing solutions combine both.

Creative gates and marine fittings that do not compromise on style

In the words of hinge designer Paul Edmondson, “Often the functioning parts of gates and foldaway furniture look too utilitarian, which is not in keeping with the high-end design environment of superyachts and luxury tenders. There is a huge demand for hinges and systems that are aesthetically pleasing. Integrating Timeless’s beautifully shaped and polished tubing with unique hinge technology removes the need for additional shrouding such as standard box section that is sometimes used by naval architects to mask fittings”.

Our collaboration with PE Marine Designz allows us to offer clients various designs including clever gates, furniture and T-tops that do not compromise on style. These innovative geometric solutions are not only decorative but they are structurally strong. Although they are typically used for yachts, motorboats and tenders, they could be used in many environments where space is at a premium, such as garden rooms, motorhomes, offices – even garden kitchens.

Stowable tables, seats and T-tops for tenders and motorboats

Collapsible or foldable on-deck tables and chairs allow boat owners to easily convert space between sitting and standing areas. We offer clients stowable furniture that will still look elegant when it is collapsed; our tube profile designs offer a sophisticated alternative to standard stowable technology.

From telescopic console mechanisms such as boarding ladders and steps to T-tops and biminis, we can design solutions that will work for your craft or architectural application.

Telescopic tubing for collapsible T-tops and biminis

When required, PE Marine Designz uses advanced pantograph technology that allows for extensible devices to open out much like a van door slides open. If you have a T-top or bimini that needs to be removed or collapsed when the tender is stowed onboard the yacht, this technology can be used with tubing such as our space-saving flat-sided oval profile.

Concealed hinge mechanisms are complex and niche. Talk to our engineering team about your application and we can set up a meeting with PE Marine Designz; experienced engineers from our teams can then work together to design a bespoke solution for you.

‘Botnia Targa’ stern gates 

Developed for a client’s offshore motorboat, these custom-made gates have a self-closing feature that can be locked open when required. The hinges also have a special joint so you can adjust the vertical closed angle so no latching is required to link the gates together when closed. The joggle in the gate upper mimics the pivot pin – as the gate opens and closes this part of the gate appears static in relation to the rest of the gate.

Port and starboard ‘flip-over’ rails

These have 180° hinges that are hidden when closed. They have a sprung-loaded oval male end latch (made from black acetal) hosted in the fixed rail and a female receptacle in the flip-over rail. These were installed on both port and starboard sides of the boat.

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