A beautifully designed balustrade is an important architectural feature in any property

Our tactile handrails and spindles bring enduring elegance to any staircase or balcony. Formed from both elliptical and softly squared tubing, the smooth lines and exceptional finish make every individual spindle appear as if it has been sculpted; each contoured profile both looks and feels exquisite.

If you need an expert to design and fit your staircase, Timeless have partnered with some of the UK’s finest metalwork fabricators and joineries who specialise in designing and fitting internal and external balustrades.

Crafted from both oval and radius square tubing, our twisted spindles come with a choice of four different twists – from a subtle twist that offers gentle, understated sophistication to continuous, tight twists for striking visual effect.

180°  (1/2 twist per 1.1m spindle)

The most subtle of our elliptical metal tube spindles


360°  (1 twist per 1.1m spindle)

A beautifully balanced twist – truly timeless


540°   (1.5 twists per 1.1m spindle)

A striking design for a statement staircase


Continuous (continuous twists per 1.1m spindle)

A modern take on 17th century barleycorn furniture design


Each spindle is cut to 1.1m; this extra length of tubing allows for the tube to be cut so that it fits any sized staircase. (Please note that the legal minimum handrail height in private residences is 900mm for staircases and landings).

Creative, customised design


Each spindle is fabricated specifically for your individual staircase, which means that you can creatively combine oval and square shaped spindles if you are seeking a subtle distinction between the spindle posts. Or you can choose varying degrees of twists for spindles in the same flight of stairs. Some of our clients intersperse our shaped metal tubing spindles with wooden spindles and handrails, which makes for a beautiful contrast of textures and colours.

Choice of metals


Our engineers typically craft our spindles from stainless steel 304L (1.4301) for internal balustrades. Stainless steel is simple to maintain and it offers a wide choice of finishes to suit your design; a luxurious mirror polish finish catches the light beautifully, whereas a satin finish adds contemporary appeal and effectively disguises fingerprints and smears. PVD colour can be used for a statement staircase.


If your balustrade is external then we would recommend a more corrosion-resistant grade of stainless steel – 316L (1.4404). This grade of stainless steel is frequently used in harsh conditions such a marine environment.


We can also fabricate our spindles and handrails from other metals such as brass, bronze or cupronickel. Warm metal tones work especially well with timbers such as oak and pine, and are often popular for restorative projects in character homes or buildings.  Copper, or metal alloys that contain copper, have proven antimicrobial properties; this offers a compelling reason to consider copper and its alloys – especially in public environments and commercial properties.



Our D-shaped tubing is most often used in handrail applications. Indeed, it features a curved topside which was ergonomically designed to be gripped as a handrail. It has a flat face on its underside that makes it easier to weld to (flat-sided oval tubing is also a popular choice of handrail due for its easy-welding capabilities).

Spindle Sizes

Profile Dimensions (mm) Twist
Oval 23.5 x 13.3 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Oval 30.5 x 17.5 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Oval 39.5 x 20.5 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Oval 47 x 25 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Oval 61 x 37 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Square 17 x 17 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Square 23 x 23 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Square 28 x 28 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Square 34 x 34 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Square 45 x 45 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Square 66 x 66 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous
Square 88 x 88 x 1.5 180° / 360° / 540° / Continuous



Twisted oval spindles can be connected to handrail and base rails with our joiners, helping you or whoever assembles your staircase to connect the spindles seamlessly, with relative ease.

We also offer joiners for two of our D-shaped tubes.

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We have extensive experience creating balustrades for all styles of property. Speak to our team about your staircase project.

Twisted Oval Tube

Innovative spiral forming applied to a classic oval tube design. This stunning twisted tube profile creates a mesmeric effect that is ideal for decorative metal architecture on buildings and boats.

D-shaped Tube

With a smooth top, flat section and incredible lateral strength, this ingenious design prevents water ingress and it’s easy to install. Ideal for handrail in public buildings and on marine craft.

Oval Tube

An ergonomic, tactile shape that is perfect for handrails and balustrades in conjunction with structural glass and brickwork. A low-maintenance design commonly used for architectural and marine purposes.

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  • Minimum order quantity of 1 length (5.7m/5.8m).
  • Orders of 4 lengths or under incur a £50 set-up fee.
  • We do not form tube from mild steel.


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