“Beautiful” rebrand for shaped metal tubing engineers, Timeless

stainless steel tubes


World-class metal-forming company Timeless Tube has recently undergone a rebrand to reflect the high-quality shaped metal tubing it produces and the prestigious applications it forms for.


“For years we’ve been busy making tubing for clients, building a worldwide reputation for what we do. As we entered our 33rd year of trading, we decided to step back and reflect upon our work. As a result we have updated our website and all marketing collateral so it truly showcases the work that we’re so proud of making” says Managing Director Tom McMillan.


The rebrand changes started with identifying the company’s business mission and its future aspirations. McMillan continues, “It is ultimately our vision to make the world a more beautiful place with our shaped metal tubing by transforming ordinary functional structures into striking, design-led pieces – and where possible, replacing less durable materials with stainless steel to improve the long-term sustainability of the planet’s resources” continues McMillan. We are very clear about where we sit in the marketplace. We are not looking to take on industry giants who mass-produce tubing. We specialise in providing optimal quality tubing and our infrastructure is set up to allow us to take on smaller, niche jobs or prototype work – not every client wants to have to order 1000s of lengths of tube for their application. We can fulfil these larger orders too, but for us providing quality is paramount. We never compromise on this.”


In addition to a clean new logo, Timeless now carries the strapline ‘beautifully engineered shaped metal tubing’. There are currently six shaped tubing profiles including flat-sided oval and twisted square tube. While many of these are predominantly chosen for decorative reasons and can be seen aboard luxury yachts and on iconic buildings such as Millennium Bridge and the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Timeless also make tube components for applications that are less visible, such as the fuel tank of a sports car. “The process of forming tube and making it to the correct specifications is somewhat of an art – which is why we view all our engineering as beautiful, no matter what we are fabricating it for” says McMillan.


The website now provides content specific to its main markets – including marine, architecture, healthcare, automotive and metal merchants, providing user groups with relevant content and case studies. Moving forward, Timeless Tube will also use the website to report on the exciting projects it provides tubing for, as well as to comment upon best practice in tubing design through a series of ‘Top tubing tips’ from its Company Director Tom, who also assumes the position of Head Engineer.


The rebrand has also seen a shake-up in some of its tube product names. What was once ‘ornamental square tube’ is now ‘radius square tube’, to reflect the fact that this product boasts structural and ergonomic qualities as well as strong aesthetic appeal. Similarly, the former ‘handrail’ product has been used for more applications than just handrail, so it is now called ‘D-shaped tube’. “This also makes better sense because our flat-sided oval tube and our classic oval tube are regularly used as handrail too” says McMillan. “We are genuinely excited to see how all these changes will better guide our clients. We are finally communicating with the world what we’ve been doing so well for the past three decades.”